RCMB III Resolves Claim of Four Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs)

San Fernando, Pampanga – Four Request for Assistance (RFA) cases handled by the Branch this month of July were filed by OFWs who worked as domestic helpers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Ms. Zharmene F. Baguio from Candaba, Pampanga claimed for her one-month unpaid salary.


Ms. Gemma Dela Cruz Conde from Tarlac City, and Ms. Analyn B. Pallasigue of San Simon, Pampanga claimed for the payment of the unexpired portion of their contracts.

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Another “hooray” for the Regional Conciliation and Mediation Branch (RCMB) III after the successful Area-Wide Seminar on June 27 entitled “Joint RCMB III and CLAMP Seminar on DOLE Convergence of Programs held at the Otel Pampanga. The activity is the third Area-Wide Seminar that was conducted by the Branch so far this year.


It was a joint undertaking of RCMB III and the Central Luzon Association of Labor Management Cooperation Practitioners, Inc. (CLAMP).


Part of its success is the convergence with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), and its attached agencies, such as, the Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board (RTWPB), Occupational Safety and Center (OSHC), and Employees’ Compensation Commission (ECC).


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Regional Conciliation and Mediation Branch (RCMB) III aids Overseas Filipino Worker’s (OFW) claims

San Fernando, Pampanga – Ms. Genelyn B. Gacusta of Almendras, Victoria, Tarlac who worked as a domestic helper in Dammam, Saudi Arabia for 1 year and 1 month sought the help of the RCMB-III on June 22.


She filed a Request for Assistance (RFA) claiming for the unexpired portion of her contract to TMJ International Manpower Services, Inc., her recruiting agency.


On June 27 conciliation-mediation conference, handling officer, Conciliator-Mediator Othello B. Tongio, Jr. effectively handled the issue raised that leads to its immediate settlement.

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The settlement of every labor issues through a Request for Assistance (RFA) would sometimes depend on how simple the issues involved are and how smart the handling officer is.  Often times, it rests with the parties’ mindset whether they will react positively or negatively based on the issues raised.


In the case of Ms. Gliceria Gulapa, a merchandiser from Candaba, Pampanga assigned at SM Adriatico, she sought the help of the Branch by filing her RFA on May 24, 2018 against the Matapat Service Cooperative, on grounds of non-payment of cash bond and wage for the period February 16-28, 2018.


Through the assistance of the Branch and efforts provided by Conciliator-Mediator Maribeth N. Gopez, the RFA was resolved promptly on May 29, 2018.  A check payment from Ms. Angelica Marasigan, HR Assistant of the Cooperative was given to Ms. Gulapa representing her last salary for February 16-28, 2018, savings insurance, and 13th month pay in the total amount of Php13,003.16.

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San Fernando, Pampanga – The Notice of Strike (NOS) case filed by the Nagkakaisang Manggagawa Ng Evergood against Evergood Plastic Industry, Inc. was settled on June 07, 2018 or after two consecutive conciliation-mediation conferences, Director Edgar G. Aquino announced today.


Union filed its NOS case on grounds of alleged illegal suspension of two (2) union members, harassment, and differential or underpayment of overtime pay.


With the parties’ positive attitude and the pro-active approach of Conciliator-Mediator Othello B. Tongio, Jr. in assisting the union and management, the labor dispute was resolved swiftly.


The Agreement includes that union president shall submit a request letter addressed to the owner of the company, copy furnished the management’s counsel, Atty. Reuben Bernard Soriano, with attached supporting documents to resolve the issues on the differential/underpayment of overtime pay involving maintenance workers and operators.

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CSC-RO3 Enhances RCMB-III Staff Towards Personal Effectiveness

The Regional Conciliation and Mediation Branch III (RCMB) conducted a one-day Personality Development Training on May 25, 2018.  Human Resource Specialist Chief Randy C. Tababa, Human Resource Division, Civil Service Commission, Regional Office III, San Fernando, Pampanga facilitated the said seminar.


Topics on Mastering My Inner World, Managing One’s Career to be an Achiever, and Coping with Stress were relevantly discussed.


Mr. Tababa expressed that, “Though we have some stressful moments, we have to deliver good services with our clients.  We should know how to handle/manage our own stress.”


He started his discussion with a workshop asking participants to identify winners in the line of business, sports, politics/government and humanitarian endeavors that became successful and renowned in their own field.

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San Fernando, Pampanga – The PM case filed by Indophil Textile Workers Union on May 23 against Indophil Textile Mills, Inc. is settled on its initial conciliation-mediation conference, Director Edgar G. Aquino announced today.


Claims on retirement benefits of Ms. Vilma Sta. Rosa, Mr. Abelardo Manlapaz, and five others, and the transfer of position of Mr. Wilfredo Umang were the issues raised.


On May 28 initial conference, management agreed to grant Ms. Sta. Rosa her retirement benefits on or before July this year, while Mr. Manlapaz will receive a check as payment of his retirement benefits after seven days upon submission of his clearance.

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The union and management of Spectrum (Brand) Tong Lung Metal Industry Company, Inc. agreed to settle harmoniously the Preventive Mediation (PM) case filed by the Spectrum/Tong Lung Metal Industry Company, Inc. Employees Labor Association-AMAPO TUCP, announced today by Director Edgar G. Aquino.


The union filed its PM case on May 03, 2018 due to unfair labor practices, specifically, harassment to union officers and members, and illegal suspension of some union members.


Director Aquino expressed his appreciation to Conciliator-Mediator Othello B. Tongio, Jr. for his initiative and persistent effort in providing the parties a feasible solution.


The settlement of this case in one sitting proves that there is always an answer to every dispute if we would listen carefully to everyone’s cause.

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The Preventive Mediation case filed by the Kilusan ng Manggagawang Makabayan Wan Hong Construction Corporation Chapter (KMM-WHCC) against Wan Hong Construction Corporation was finally resolved, Director Edgar G. Aquino announced today.


The union filed a Preventive Mediation on March 19, 2018 on grounds of unfair labor practice (ULP), specifically union busting, underpayment of wages, Service Incentive Leave (SIL), paternity leave benefit, harassment, tax refund, and PPE reimbursement.


In the initial conciliation-mediation conference, management representative manifested that the lay-off of some union officers and members is due to near completion of the existing project, and a corresponding notice of termination/lay-off was filed before the Department of Labor and Employment – Bataan Field Office. In contrast, union believed that the project’s completion is expected in year 2020.


A series of conciliation-mediation conferences occurred. The exchanges of ideas and positions were tough but this not stop Conciliator-Mediator Othello B. Tongio, Jr. to pursue amicable settlement for both parties.

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Director Edgar G. Aquino announced the settlement of the Preventive Mediation (PM) cases filed by Indophil Textile Workers Union and Indophil Acrylic Manufacturing Corporation Workers Union against Indophil Textile Mills, Inc. and Indophil Acrylic Manufacturing Corporation, respectively.


On April 02, 2018, the two unions raised similar grounds of unfair labor practices, specifically, illegal transfer of maintenance workers, hot temperature in the workplace, forced overtime, violation of agreement and optional/compulsory retirement.


“The quick response of Conciliator-Mediators Onofre H. Bautista and Othello B. Tongio, Jr. through an immediate scheduling and holding of simultaneous conciliation-mediation conference led to the parties’ amicable settlement in the initial conference held on April 05, 2018,” Director Aquino stated.


Director Aquino further acknowledged the active participation of union officers and management representatives in providing options painstakingly for the speedy resolution of the labor dispute.

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